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We really can't win around here, can we? People want to talk about the flood, people get mad. People don't want to talk about the flood, people get frustrated.

It's fuckin' ridiculous. Let people talk about what they want to talk about. It's not like one person tryin' to find meaning or dismissing it in this place's really gonna matter, everyone's so jaded anyway.

[And there's a few beats of silence.]

You ever get that feeling, that if you smoked, now'd be a good time for one?

[Private to Shego]

You alright? Been kind of a while since we talked last.

[Warden Filter]

Before Bruce left, he'd been drilling me in some pretty intensive self defense stuff. Is anyone else up for teachin' a guy something every once and a while or whatever?

[Private to Buffy]

Definitely wouldn't mind taking a lesson or two from you, if you're up for it. I've seen you kick ass.

How've you been?
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[Warden Filter, Plus Shego]

[Patrick is actually extremely pissed off. But, from his tone, he just sounds very calm and collected, and very, very serious.]

Alright. First, I'm pretty fuckin' pissed about being left out of the loop on all this bullshit until the eleventh hour, and second, I'm working things out with Shego. If anyone's got questions or concerns about my ability to do that properly? Bring it up. Because [OH THE SARCASM HERE.] as strange as it might seem to some people - [Nygma.] wardens can handle their own inmates.

We've got very few actual rules we try to live by here, and I always thought wardens at least could do what was best by their inmate, without interference of someone who thinks they can do the job better, especially when there's no evidence that the original warden is actually doing something wrong.

In leavin' me and Snape out of things and talkin' behind our backs, Nygma's been makin' it fuckin' hard to do our jobs, not to mention him harassing people, asking to violate people's privacy and bringin' up an issue which - last time I checked - had been more or less resolved. Shego is my responsibility. Mozenrath is Snape's. Not Nygma's. Period.

And until I have a good fuckin' reason to believe that any of them have lied to me? I'm backing them one hundred percent.

Also, just puttin' this out here - especially Howie or whoever else feels like runnin' this show, and yeah, I know you're listening too, Nygma - Nygma being Profit's interim warden? Really shouldn't happen. He's too personally involved, if his voracious "search for justice" shows us anything. There's standin' up for a friend, and refusin' to let an issue go after the facts have been presented.

[Warden Filter, Minus Nygma]

Okay. Serious question: Why the fuck is Nygma a warden?
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So, what's the best port people have actually been to? When I got here, people tried to sell it like something terrible's always waiting for you just around the corner, but how often does that actually happen?

Or is it just the bad stuff ends up kind of outweighing anything less horrible?

Either way, I'm heading down. Shego, if you want to come, I wouldn't mind the company.

[Spam for Shego, in port]

In which there will be dinosaurs. )
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So, how much longer is this water balloon policy in place?

[Private to Shego]

Hey. So, sorry about what happened in port. Figured I should put it out there before we talk about anything else.
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Jason's gone. Off my item, door's normal, the whole nine yards.

If anyone's excited about it, I don't want to hear about it. Period.

[Private to Bruce]

Sorry. I wish I could have done more for him.

[There was originally more here, but he deleted it. >>]

[Private to Buffy]

Sorry I didn't say anything earlier, but thanks for pulling me out of port.

[Private to Johnny Cade]

Doing any better, kid?
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You know, say what you want about wishing a place's changed for the better since you've been there last, at least this station's got some fucking consistency. You ever need some seedy, black market deal done or smuggled goods or a hitman to do your dirty work or whatever, you could do a lot worse then OS19, and it's been that way since people moved in.

So, yeah, sure. Welcome aboard, new people. Try not to get killed while you're here.

[ooc: This is Patrick Kelis, a bounty hunter who hangs around OS19 when it's convenient to him, so you mind have seen him around before. He's currently in port looking for Shego, probably as part of an operation to get her out of the way so other people can assassinate Arthas, but really, he's just in it for the money. He's missing his Boston accent and looks a lot scruffier than usual, and he's kind of a semichatty, sleezy douchebag.

Also JILLIAN if Jason wants to go into port, I'm cool with assuming Dick let him come down with him or something, whatever's easiest for you.]
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[The feed clicks on to reveal a guy who definitely isn't here usually, sitting in Patrick's apartment, looking relatively okay with the whole being in on a space prison ship, even if he's actually pretty annoyed about it. Patrick is totally affected, and doesn't remember the Barge, but he's smart enough to have put most of the stuff together by this point.]

Alright. Just so we're clear, my name's Patrick Kenzie. I'm still a PI from Boston, but I'm not the guy who's here normally. And as much fun as it's been listening to all of you, I've got a case I need to get back to, so I'm seconding everyone else's questions and requests or whatever to get home as fast as possible.

As interesting an experience as this has been, [A touch of sarcasm, why is the other Patrick here willingly.] between people just pointing and laughing at the guy being attacked by bees, and Batman the child abuser, this place seems like a real goddamn nightmare.

[ooc: Patrick is his book counterpart, specifically from during A Drink Before the War, which is the first book in the series Gone Baby Gone is from. This isn't to say that the books are "bad" canon, so much as just. pretty overdramatic canon. Also he kills people a lot, which takes away a lot of the poignancy of GBG and just. yes. The books are about as subtle as a brick to the face. STILL PRETTY OKAY ALL THINGS CONSIDERED just the movie is better and handles the story in a much more poignant way. >.>;

Also he's Ben Affleck because Ben almost cast himself as Patrick in the film, but gave it to Casey instead so he could focus on directing. Patrick is older and a more seasoned detective in the books, his dad was legitimately crazy, he hasn't dated Angie - who is actually currently married to an abusive husband - and in general he's a little more trigger happy.
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[Dryly:] All the cell doors in Level Zero seem to be workin' properly again. I think it's pretty safe to say exactly no one enjoyed this particular flood?

[There's a short pause, and he changes the filter because he'd rather tell Jason this in person then just announce it to everyone over the network and then have him reply to it. It seems more personal.]

[Filtered away from Jason]

Before I made my deal with the Admiral, my actions got two men arrested because I don't believe in takin' the law into your own hands. They were decent people, and I'm sorry it had to happen, but they got three people killed and endangered the life of a four year old girl in the process, claimin' they were tryin' to do right by her.

It's a lot hahder then just saying one party's completely at fault and the other's innocent, and I know not everyone woulda done the same thing in my place, and I am sorry it had to happen. But I'm not sorry foah the decision I made. They kidnapped a kid, framed someone fah it, got him killed and at least tried killin' anyone who got in their way. When the cawps are using their authority to do somethin' like that? They can't get away with it just because they're cawps.

I know it's hahd to have faith in the system - [His own self doubt is why he's here, after all.] - but without it, we'd have anarchy. My world isn't like others where vigilantism's been around since the dawn of time oah whatever. We just have laws we're supposed to follow, and those apply to everyone, including the police, and when people break it, they have to face the consequences of their actions.

[Filtered to Infirmary Staff + Bats minus Jason]

How's Bruce doin'?

[Private to Jason]

How're you doin', guy? I was thinking of heading up to the CES fah a while, if you wanted to come.
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[Warden Filter + Jason]

[Patrick switches on the feed and he is very clearly in a cell down in Zero. He sort of just. Woke up here. No idea how. Oh, and can't get out. Despite having his warden item on him.

Basically it's karma for getting Lionel McCready and Jack Doyle put in prison and he will be stuck down here until the end of the flood.]

Ahh... so I'm not really sure how this happened, but I'm kinda... Stuck. [And he demonstrates. He is definitely stuck in here. He shrugs and sits down on the cot before continuing.]

I guess it's better then bein' haunted or thinkin' people are dead when they're clearly not, but since this could go on fah a couple days, would someone mind maybe mind bringin' me some food oah somethin'?

[And an Extra Warden Filter, excluding Jason]

And if someone could keep an eye out fah Jason while I'm stuck in here, I'd appreciate it.
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[Warden Filter; minus the Bats and Riddler]

Anyone have any experience teachin' high school level science oah whatever? Really anything would be good, my inmate's lookin' into catching up on some stuff he missed out on back home and there's a reason I'm a PI and not a biologist.

If we're kinda lacking on that kind of thing - [Because srsly why would we have tons of high school teachers on a prison ship...] - would some of the scientists oah people in the lab oah something mind maybe teaching him somethin' about whatever your specialty is? I'd be happy to supervise if it's potentially an issue oah whatever.

[Private to Bruce, Dick, Tim, Steph, Wally and Nygma]

How long have there been vigilantes and superheroes and whatever in your universe?

[Private to the Admiral]

I need a couple high school level textbooks from Jason's universe, preferably on American law and history and some science and math stuff. A world history one would be good too.

[Private to Jason; added later]

I found a couple people who'd be willing to help, and I've got some textbooks if you wanna look them over before we start anything.
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So, if we weren't actually those people, back durin' the breach, what're we actually supposed to do with all those memories? I'm kinda havin' a hahd time dismissing the whole thing as just an accident since I've got another person who looked and acted a lot like me's memories runnin' around in my head. The guy had a full life outside of just the couple days we were there, and I still remember a lot of it.

Or is this just another shut up and don't question it kinda thing? Not that there's anything wrong with that, but if people've got theories outside of the Admiral being a terrible driver oah him tryin' to give us some history lesson, I'd like to hear them.

How many people were actually that different from who they ah usually anyway? Like, personality/motivation wise. Outta curiosity.

[Private to Jason]

How're you doin', kid? Can't say I saw you around town durin' the breach.

...And is there a reason Dick was all weird and tellin' me to apologize to you about something?

[Added Later; also public]

B'Elanna's gone. Seems like the whole cycle of people vanishin's stahtin' up again.

ten [voice]

May. 1st, 2011 11:36 pm
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This might sound kinda like a... strange thing to be askin', but did anyone else not really feel all that different this week? Everyone's talkin' about how they were all different and don't wanna spend any moah time thinkin' about what all of it implied oah whatever, but I really didn't feel all that different. At least, not that I noticed anyway.

Whatever. Guess the important paht is that it's over.

Anyone got any decent books oah whatever they could recommend takin' a look at?

[Private to Jason]

How've you been, guy? You've been kinda quiet lately.

[Private to Costigan]

Got yoah cigarettes, guy. Wheah d'you want me to drop 'em off?
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How hahd do you think it'd be to give us some better wahnin' about this kind of thing? Not just some "we're experiencin'' turbulence" wahnin' but like, an actual "this is what you'ah gonna hafta deal with fah the next couple days" announcement?

Guy's a fuckin' terrible driver.

[Private to Jason]

You doin' okay, kid?

[Public; added after Jason doesn't respond]

Anyone seen Jason Todd around?
knowsthepeople: (I'm shipping out.)
[Private to Jason, right after talking to Martha]

Where are you?

[Private to B'Elanna]

You busy?

[Private separately to Ray and Costigan]

How you been, guy?
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Anyone got any idea why the CES can't do stuff outside of like, nature? I mean, I guess it's not surprisin' it can't pull shit like populating a whole city with people oah somethin', but it might be kinda nice, havin' somethin' that's really kinda a piece of back home around. Might at least be able to come up with somethin' like the Common oah whatever.

Has it evah turned into anythin' people actually recognize? I mean, I can't say I've really ever been too fah outta Boston, so I could just be missin' out on somethin' familiar to someone else, but it's never been anywhere I've been.

six [voice]

Apr. 3rd, 2011 08:03 pm
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You know, call me crazy guys, but I'm pretty sure callin' attention to all this is just gonna make it worse. I'm not sayin' we don't need to keep it all under wraps? But it's been my experience guys like this tend to cool off when you don't give the people who stahted it the reaction they're lookin' foah. So how about we go back to our regularly scheduled discussions of whatevah's on our minds and let the people involved sort the rest of it out? Sound good?

On that note, I've been told I've gotta keep talkin' about the Sox, to make sure you guys don' forget about 'em. As fah as pahtin' requests go, don' think that's gonna be all that outta the question to live up to.

Not like I knew Donowitz well oah anythin', but there's somethin' about being from Boston - oah places like it, I guess - that kinda gives you some kinda connection to everyone else who lives there. Especially Boston. More then a place like New Yawk oah somethin', sometimes, 'cause we're so caught up in our history and wheah we all come from. It's your city, your neighborhood... it's all tied into who you ah and how you got there. We almost stahted a fuckin' riot ovah people wantin' to knock down Fenway foah a new stadium 'cause it mattered to us. That's our ballpahk, that's our statehouse, and fuck anyone who wants to change it.

Wheah I'm from, people take pride in all that, all that history and wheah you grew up, even if it was a "bad neighborhood". You wear it like a medal of honor oah somethin', like you survived and you're still surviving. You're proud of where you came from.

And I'm not gonna lie and say my childhood was fuckin' perfect oah whatever, but that flood kinda got me thinkin' about if I coulda done things different, grown up in a different neighborhood oah city oah whatever, would I?

But even if growin' up in Dorchester wasn't exactly life in some quiet little suburbia wheah everyone runs around with no locks on their doors 'cause it's so safe oah somethin', it's wheah I'm from, you know? I love the place anyway.

And I'm definitely not sayin' Boston's all bad oah anythin' foah people who visit oah for the people who live there. We've got the Sox, the Garden, the Commons, like a thousand different colleges and universities... It's a hell of a lot nicer then New York - no offense to the rest of you oah anythin' - and it's really a beautiful city. I don't even have problems with Southie or Roxbury oah anythin'. It's a paht of it, just as much as anythin'.

I've lived on the same block my whole life, an' if I didn't make a deal, I'd still be there, with the same people I went to grade school with and whatever. And I don't have a problem with that. I'm proud of wheah I'm from and I wouldn't change it if I had a chance.

So, what about the rest of you? You wanna change wheah you grew up oah you love it anyway because it's yours?
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[The feed clicks on to reveal Patrick, who looks like he's about nine or ten or so, and is wearing a navy blue Red Sox t-shirt with the number twenty six and "Boggs" written on the back. He remembers the Barge, knows how to work the filters and what an item does, and is even sort of a matureish ten year old, but he's still.. ten. So. He's talking while organizing what limited baseball equipment he has in his room.]

[Filtered away from No Barge Memory Wardens]

Anyone else remember the Bahge but still stuck lookin' like a kid? I kinda can't decide who's got it worse. I still kinda feel like I'm fahkin' ten again even if I remember everything.

Do our items really not work anymore? That's kinda a shit side effect. How many people are still grown ups an' whatevah? I wanna head up to the CES if enough people are interested in a game.


Anyone wanna try to go up to the CES oah the deck oah somethin' foah a baseball game? Paddy was tryin' to push soccer, if anyone'd rather play that, but I got baseball stuff, and I don' think we've got a big enough court foah everyone playin' basketball, and I don' actually like soccer that much, so that's what I wanna play.

[He dumps two mitts, a baseball and a bat off to the side near the door before turning back to the camera.] Back where I'm from, we all played Little League and we took it fahkin' seriously. You don' mess with the kids from Dorchester on a diamond.

People aren't as crazy about it anymoah, from what I heard, 'specially with the younger kids. But it was a big deal foah me.
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Nice to know we got all that outta our systems. Things usually quiet down for a while after someone decides to try an' shake things up around heah? Wouldn't mind actually fuckin' gettin' to know the place befoah the next guy stahts tryin' to get the hell off the Bahge.

[Filtered to the other Bostonians]

You guys make it out okay?

[Private to Jason]

You wanna head up to the CES foah a while, kid?

[Private Separately to Dick and Tim]

You mind if I ask you a couple questions about Jason Todd?

[Warden Filter, visible to Bruce, but filtered from Dick and Tim]

Anyone with any mahtial arts trainin' under them willin' to teach me a thing oah two?
knowsthepeople: (The kidnapper's comin' back? :\)
Anyone fuckin' up foah doin' anything foah St. Patrick's day around heah, or are we all too still caught up in whatever's got everyone worked up today to bother with that kinda thing?


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